Hire Dedicated Remote Staff in India

70% Savings on Staff Wages
Every day, American businesses are re-evaluating and reacting to local cost pressures by leveraging the talent pool in the Philippines.

Highly Educated, English-speaking, Loyal Staff
Our goal is to find and employ extraordinary people who are 100% focused on your company goals and driven to achieving results.

Office Space, Infrastructure, and Support Services
We remove the risk of traditional outsourcing by providing the office space, computer workstations, recruitment, HR, payroll, and support services so you can focus on growing your business.

Full Control Over Your Indian Operations
Our outsourcing solutions give businesses of any size the best of both worlds – the ability to remain in complete control of their business process, while also partnering with an experienced specialist in a low-cost, yet highly skilled labor market.

Transparent Pricing. No Markup on Salaries. No Long-term Contracts.

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